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(Sutherland & Mc Evoy (1860); Goodwin (1867); Campbell (1874), 145; ATLAS CLARK (1878), 10; Postal Guide; Maps Missouri, 1861-1915; A. Ehrhart; Alberta Callison; Samuel Ball)A ferry established by John Alexander, whence the name, at the mouth of the Des Moines River, on what became the site of Alexandria (q.v.). (See Clark County), was so located with the same relation to Clark County and the State of Missouri. So named for Bishop Asbury of early Methodist Church history in the United States. CLARK 1887, 362; Eaton 275; Postal Guide; MAPS MISSOURI from 1879; Plat; A. Ehrhart)This railroad enters Clark County midway in Sweet Home Township on the Des Moines River, crosses the county diagonally to Scotland County where it passes through the southeast corner a distance of about nine miles, then enters Knox County which it traverses in the northwest section. Lumber for the church building was hauled from Alexandria by ox teams, and the brick for the chimney and lining for the walls was burned on a neighboring farm. It was rebuilt not long since and is in good repair, but is seldom used. He was, however, chief of his tribe during the war of 1832, named for him the Black Hawk War. The thirteen townships remain today the same except for a few minor changes.The Courier gives the date as 1825, the County History as 1832. 2, 1936)A post office since 1853; in Vernon Township, on the Mississippi River a short distance below the mouth of the Des Moines River, and fifteen miles from Kahoka. Previous to this time the first ferryman, John Alexander, built his cabin on the site, then at the mouth of the Des Moines. Ehrhart)A schoolhouse in Washington Township in the extreme southwest corner of the county. Ground was broken at Topeka, Kansas, for this road, chartered as the Atchison and Topeka Railroad, in 1868, and trains were running by 1869. A Biblical name: Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ (Mat 2:1). Black Hawk (1767-1838), was a Sauk of the Thunder Clan, deeply religious and thoroughly patriotic; he had fought under Tecumseh and had become imbued with some of the ideas of the great Shawnee. Clark is outstanding in that of her thirteen townships six are named for national figures.He has been interviewed on more than seven thousand radio and television programs.In 1995, Warren and son-in-law Greg Forgatch created Neil Clark Warren & Associates, a company which offered seminars and teaching tools based on Warren’s books.

The 70-year-old psychologist and Internet dating entrepreneur was trying to tell me why it had taken him a month to return my calls.

Government land south of Wyaconda in Union Township. Guy Hummel)A timbered tract bordering a stream, about one and a half miles southeast of Chambersburg. The name is that of perhaps the most famous Indian that came to be known in this vicinity. Land was given by Grandfather Showalter for a cemetery with the provision that a church be built; hence the name. After many years the building was sold for a barn, but it was saved from desecration. It is a supposition that it was named for Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, from the vicinity of which some of the residents came. Ehrhart; Robert Mc Lachlan)A Christian Church to the northeast of North Wyaconda Creek; indicated in the Atlas of 1878. Velma Williams)A religious group that held services in the Carmen Schoolhouse (q.v.), led by Reverend Bolton from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was settled upon in 1866, but in the heated controversy that ensued between promoters of the Kahoka and the Clark City site, the former was determined upon (See Kahoka). Florence Ehrhart; Alberta Callison)The institute of this name was opened at Clark City (q.v.) in 1870. The statement that the county was organized in 1818, made by Campbell and repeated by Switzer, et al, is undoubtedly wrong, as there were no settlers in Clark County until around 1829. While still a part of Lewis, it was divided in 1833 into two townships, Jefferson to the north and Des Moines to the south.

The land is very poor, and the government sold it for "a bit" (twelve and a half cents) an acre; hence the name. It is used for camp meetings by the Holiness people, and received its name from the hymn, "Beulah Land." A Biblical name: Beulah, an allegorical name for Israel, indicating peace and plenty. Guy Hummel)An island in the Mississippi River to the north of Alexandria. Hill)A village in the extreme northeast corner of the county, on the Des Moines River. Black Hawk, with other Sacs of Rock River, Wisconsin, joined the British during the War of 1812. (Hayward 1853; Sutherland & Mc Evoy 1860; Goodwin 1867; Campbell 1874; ATLAS CLARK 1878; 10; HIST. This denomination prefers to call itself the Church of Christ; hence the name. He was a disciple of Winebrenner (1797-1860), originally a minister of the German Reformed Church who in 1830 formed a new sect, introducing a special ceremony of foot washing. CYC.)A post office from 1870-1902; two miles east of Kahoka, to the west and south in Madison Township, located in a beautiful rolling country, on the M. Clark City was designed also as an educational center, an academy having been provided for. Today the schoolhouse bearing the name is all that marks the site. The statement probably arose from the fact that in 1818 the Territorial Legislature passed an act creating the county of Clark in Arkansas which at that time was a part of the Territory of Missouri. A redivisioning of the latter followed, and Jackson Township was formed in 1836.

“We thought you would categorize us in some religious way which we think is unfair.” I was a little surprised by Warren’s candor and by his savvy.

While I hadn’t decided what I thought about e Harmony or its founder, I had heard a few disturbing things about them.

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