Mercurial updating to public failed

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Changes to the source code are made inside the repository and are periodically committed.

Personally, I commit early and often and then let the sausage making be seen by all except in the most formal of circumstances (public projects with large numbers of users, developers, or high developer turnover).Two problems surface with a centralised version control system, although they aren't immediately obvious: [1] (A note on SVN: since SVN keeps the last-known checkout, it's possible to do a limited set of operations while disconnected from SVN, like diff from the last-known checkout.However, in general, you are prevented from doing many of the operations that are possible while connected.) The first problem is rarely apparent for those working with Eclipse in a location at (or near) the repository itself.IRIS is an open source advanced traffic management system.It provides an integrated platform for transportation agencies to manage traffic monitoring and control devices.

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