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If Symantec is repeatedly popping up messages that the Virus Definitions are out of date, you may need to upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection to the newest version, version 12 (as of 3/26/15).

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These clients are configured to receive their updates from their Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).Symantec's limitation is that a Windows 32-bit SEP install file cannot be installed on a Windows 64-bit OS.The Windows 64-bit OS must have a Windows 64-bit SEP install file.WAS A PUBLIC SERVICE OF the ex-KERMIT PROJECT AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Mc Kown, US Army Postal Operations, Germany (APO/FPO/DPO). Farnworth, Andrew Leonard, Chris Woodhouse (Royal Mail), Philip Woods, John Marsh, Paolo Montanelli, Angela Watts, Gary Delaney, Kevin Tarr, "Rick".It was was originally written for our own business purposes (international shipping of our software in the pre-Internet days) and does not claim to be definitive, complete, systematic, or unopinionated. General information and corrections: Marty Simon, Linda Beek, Dan Olsson, Peter Russell, Ken Westmoreland, Gert Grenander, Marcy Strawmyer, Mark Brader, László Kende, Tex Texin, Helgi Jonsson, Roozbeh Pournader, Tom Gewecke, Magda Danish, Stuart Brown, Noah Levitt, Herman Ranes.

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