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However, he said that was an inefficient way for companies to make such critical business decisions. Nyeneuis emphasizes that the platform isn’t a broker, just like doesn’t get paid based on the number of marriages that result.

Rather, Eyes on Freight allows the companies with shipping and logistics needs to have a dialogue with targeted freight and logistics firms that can meet specific needs.

It’s no secret folks, Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States of America.

Strangely enough, a certain Canadian dating site called Maple Match skyrocketed in user registrations after the election.

“When I worked in the industry, I saw this massive need that wasn’t being met,” Nyenhuis said.

“The industry is so massive and there are so many choices, it’s really hard to narrow it all down.” He said that when companies needed logistics services, employees would often reach out to friends and other colleagues to recommend a firm.

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They know that other opportunities will exist should they swipe left.

Basically, Tinder dating has groomed society to live as though something better is just around the corner. Read more There’s a new dating app on the market that’s similar to Tinder with some more features offered.

The company is currently participating in 500 Startups, a 4-month accelerator in San Francisco (also in Mountain View, Calif., and Mexico City).

[Correction: 500 Startups reached out after they applied via Angelist.] Before joining 500 startups, Eyes on Freight was bootstrapping, and it wasn’t yet on the radar screen to begin the fundraising process.

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